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Hi! My name is Freya and I am an artist and designer from Melbourne, Australia. My practice largely explores goddess mythology, female shamanism and the relationship between women and their dress as a form of divine, personal expression. It seeks to envision a bold and unforgiving form of femininity that is inclusive and aligned with the expansiveness of cosmic creativity.

I am currently in the process of reimagining my illustrations as tangible experiences by creating unique, wearable pieces of apparel.

I find inspiration from lavish period fashion, flora, surrealism, dreams and other mysteries such as astrology, boulder opal, witchcraft and things that glow in the dark such as beautiful phosphorescent fungi!

I graduated in February, 2017 with a Bachelor of Communication Design and have previously received a Certificate III in Applied Fashion Design.

I am currently based in Hobart, Tasmania.



    Photo credit: Sophie S. Flavell


Photo credit: Sophie S. Flavell